10 Super Cool Creativity Boosting Photography Gadgets

photography gadgets

On previous posts I have covered a good amount of gadgets. Retro designed gadgets, gadgets for geeks and some irresistible gadgets. Then, why not some cool ones to make your photography experience more interesting and fun?

In this article, I gathered a small, yet powerful, arsenal of cool photography equipment to assist you with your never ending creativity needs. Whether you’re pro or an amateur photographer, I´m sure you’ll find something you would like to get your hands on immediately. Strictly for work, you know…

Lomography Splitzer

Lomography Splitzer

From the manufacturer: Right here we’ve got one of the sharpest and most unique camera accessories of all time! Merely slide it into the front grooves of your LC-A+, and prepare to slice your image into halves or dice it into quarters and eights. Two spinning blades within your Splitzer serve to expose only certain portions of your image at a time, allowing you to perform intensive photo-surgery with each click of the shutter. Shoot, hit the multiple exposure switch, turn the Splitzer, and shoot again! Please note – as the Splitzer requires the LC-A+’s special front grooves, it is not designed to work with the original Lomo LC-A. Read full description…

The Joby Gorillapod


From the manufacturer: The Joby Gorillapod firmly secures your camera to just about anything — anywhere and everywhere! Unlike traditional tripods, Gorillapods do not require a level or elevated surface for you to take the perfect shot. Each Gorillapod is made up of 30 or more fully articulating ball-and-socket joints. You can bend and twist them into any shape, and they’ll always keep your camera steady! Bending a Gorillapod leg Gorillapod on a pole. Soft rings and rubberized feet prevent your Gorillapod from slipping in even the toughest environments. Read full description…

Pets Eye View Digital Camera

Pets Eye View camera

From Coolest Gadgets blog: Ever wonder how your pet sees the world? I can imagine that it is pretty low of the ground, and food is always so high up. Now, you don’t have to imagine anymore with the Pets Eye View digital camera! The Pets Eye View clips to a pet’s collar like an ID tag, and is completely water resistant. Read full description…

TosPom Camera

Tospom camera

From the manufacturer: TosPom is a ball-shaped camera that takes pictures while playing catch. When the photographer throws TosPom to the object, the object’s face will be taken automatically as the object catches it, and the picture will be shown on the display. With TosPom, the act of taking pictures becomes a mutual, interactive activity that involves both the photographer and the object while both parties engage in a fun activity of playing catch. Moreover, the photographer can draw out a more natural and relaxed expression from the object. Read full description…

Lensbaby SLR Lenses

Lensbaby lenses

From the manufacturer: No two eyes are exactly the same – especially when they belong to an artist who sees for a living. Given these infinite possibilities, Lensbaby offers three distinctly different lens bodies for different types of shooters. Each lens gets you to the same place: a Sweet Spot of sharp focus surrounded by graduated blur. But each one gets you there in a way that reflects your individual personality and shooting style. Are you fast and loose? Smooth and precise? Methodical and step-by-step? Your first decision is: which Lensbaby has your name on it? Read full description…

Canon Selphy ES30 Portable Photo Printer

Canon Selphy ES3 printer

From the manufacturer: Meet your new creative companion: Wherever you are, the Selphy ES3 is ready to help you produce amazing, customized photos—without a computer! Just insert a camera memory card into one of the handy card slots, preview images and print! You can also print directly from compatible digital cameras and mobile phones, or from a Bluetooth device via the optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface.
Read full description…

Liquid Image Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Liquid Image underwater digital camera mask

From the manufacturer: Use the Underwater Camera Mask for snorkeling, diving and swimming
Capture vacation photos and videos. Use as a training device for instructional
video or analysis of swimming performance. Read full description…

Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap for SLR Cameras and Viewers

Loreo 3d lenses in a Cap

From the manufacturer: The Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap (patent pending) is a new gadget for SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses. It is the latest in Loreo’s digital ready Lens in a Cap series. The 3D body cap turns a standard or digital SLR into a 3D camera. SLR cameras have accurate viewing, exposure control and a wide range of shutter speeds. Some SLRs have auto TTL flash. Most can be fitted with powerful external flash units. With the Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap, these features are harnessed to produce excellent 3D prints or digital images. Read full description…

Kaidan 360 One VR Panoramic Lens

Toaster printer

From Steve´s Digicam site: If you make panoramas for real estate listings then this is what you’ve been looking for. No need to take 12 or more exposures and then stitch them together, all it takes is ONE SHOT. It’s difficult to shoot a dozen or more pictures and get them all level, with the same exposure and color balance, and this is crucial for a good pano. If you live in a place like Florida you’ll appreciate being able to hop out of your air conditioned car, grab one shot and then drive away. To create a pano the “other” way requires 15-30 minutes of standing around in the hot sun, wiping the sweat away and capturing lots and lots of images. Now, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, your panos will come out looking great. Read full description…

Lomography Colorsplash Film Camera

Toaster printer

From the manufacturer: Try repainting your house or apartment. Pick out some brand new colors for your bedroom, kitchen, and den. It’s incredible how a little splash of blue here or green over there can change the entire mood of your surroundings. Since you’re at it, why stop there? With the compact Colorsplash in your hands, you’re ready and armed to repaint your whole environment. Everything that you see around you is subject to manipulation and capture through its sharp little lens. Rotate the integrated flash Color Wheel and choose from a selection of colored flash lights to toss upon your subject. The elements of exposure time, flash color, subject color, exterior light, and the manic curiosity of your lomographic eye come together to yield an endless number of potential techniques and outcomes. Remember, “colorsplash” is a philosophy. This is merely your tool to get there. Read full description…

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