A Nice List of Great Photoshop Lists

photoshop listsLists have been around for a long while and are a hot topic today. I’ve even compiled some myself for my Photoshop Roadmap blog. They are perfect candidates for massive and steady traffic, and they are an interesting, if not fun, reading.
If the compilation has been made with care and lots of research, the result may become a mini or micro web site itself.
That’s the reason why content writers (artists and designers in this case) should become aware of this situation. Creating outstanding content will increase their chances to be part of a list.

As the Editor of The Photoshop Roadmap directory I have to browse through lots of tutorials and downloads to include them in my site. I always wonder what makes a designer to write a graphics tutorial with little preview images. If you are running a graphics website, then you should be aware that there is a cost in bandwidth that is associated to the topic of your site.

TIP: When writing a great tutorial, create big previews and images of the final result, to increase your chances to be included in blog posts and lists.

Ok, enough blathering, here is my Nice List of Great Photoshop Lists.

70 horror, blood and gore Photoshop tutorials and brushes

Horrror, blood and gore Photoshop tutorials

100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

100 high resolution photoshop brushes

The Best 80 Photoshop Text Effects on the Web

80 Photoshop text effects

A Complete Guide to Digital Makeover in Photoshop

Digital makeover effects

Best of Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Best of Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Hand Picked Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Hand picked photoshop tutorials

Photoshop Masters

Photoshop masters

Photoshop Buttons Tutorials

Photoshop buttons tutorials

100 Artistic Photoshop Tutorials

100 artistic photoshop tutorials

Photoshop Support brushes guide

100 artistic photoshop tutorials

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