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    Lovable Cartoon Characters Turned Into Terrifying Monsters by Tattoo Artist Dennis Carlsson

    Swedish tattoo artist Dennis Carlsson is responsible for these terrifying reinterpretations of beloved cartoon characters. Painted in Photoshop, he turns lovable characters like Pikachu, Winnie the Pooh, and Totoro into grotesque abominations. These illustrations are truly the stuff of nightmares. Via DesignYouTrust | Images by Dennis Carlsson More

  • Antique Guilloche Premium Photoshop Action

    Antique Guilloche Photoshop Premium Action applies a vintage textured look to an image. Action keeps original image untouched. Useful from 1000px to 5000px width images, any resolution. Fully structured and editable PSD-file. Download here.. More

  • Hiroko Kubota adds cute embroidered pets to shirts pockets

    What started in 2013 as a quirky attempt to immortalize famous internet cats on clothes by embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota, has now transformed into a full-fledged custom clothing line where people can request embroideries of their favorite pets on her own brand of shirts, Go!Go!5. The project began when she was making handmade clothes for […] More

  • The edible architecture creations of Dinara Kasko

    After graduating from university, the Ukrainian-born Kasko developed her architectural skills for 3 years as a designer-visualizer for a firm in the Netherlands, where she also worked part-time as a photographer. But her true love was pastry making, which she had discovered after traveling to 16 countries starting at age 17. So when she needed […] More

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    Wood Turned Bamboo Death Star

    May the 4th be with you! I have wood turned a Death Star out of bamboo plywood. The build consists of making two segmented halves that seam together at the trench. Each half is made of 9 rings. Each ring has 13 segments. (13 seemed like an evil number). There is one extra ring to […] More

  • Flora Borsi striking Animeyed self-portraits series

    Flora Borsi is a popular artist from Budapest, Hungary. She is specialised in Digital Photography. Her aim is to visualise the physically impossible in the form of photo manipulations. Flora had several solo exhibitions across Europe and North America and her ethereal aesthetic has won multiple art prizes and worldwide recognition in the press. Her […] More

  • Download 60 Beautiful High Resolution Paper Backgrounds

    An outstanding collection of 60 unique paper backgrounds, in high resolution image files. Each image shows a different type of paper that can be use in as a background in your favorite layout software. Each one of the 15 different paper textures is presented in four styles. The plain texture, scanned from original high quality […] More

  • Download 32 Beautiful Japanese Paper Textures

    A nice collection of 32 beautifully crafted Japanese decorative paper textures you can download and use for free, even in your commercial projects. Japanese papers are usually the first choice for origami and detailed paper craft. Now you can download and use these digital versions (scanned from real paper) in you web and print projects. […] More