Beautiful board game designs

photoshop listsThere is no point in arguing that today computer games provide an ever evolving visual experience. This seems to have no foreseeable limit as computers hardware continue to improve.
But many of you will agree that no matter how well packaged are those computer games, there is no comparison with the almost magical experience of unboxing a high quality, well crafted and beautifully designed board game.
Carefully designed counters, beautifully illustrated cards, comprehensive writing pads and, most important of all, astonishing game boards, are the instruments that game board designers and graphic artists have been using to provide a pleasant gaming experience.
This article is a showcase of the wonderful work made by some popular board game graphic artists. In this selection, no evaluation of the quality of the gameplay itself has been made, just the visual design has been considered.
It wouldn’t have been possible to gather this information without the help of BoardGameGeek forum and its helpful members. If you are serious about board gaming, you will be pleased with the vast amount of information, lists, ratings and recommendations you will find there.

Board Game Graphic Design Gallery

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Michael Menzel Illustrator

Graphic design and images by Michael Menzel

Franz Vohwinkel illustrator

Graphic design and images by Franz Vohwinkel

John Cooper illustrator

Graphic design and images by John Cooper

Mike Doyle illustrator

Graphic design and images by Mike Doyle

Persian puzzle rug

Graphic design and images by Franck Dion

Harald Lieske illustrator

Graphic design and images by Harald Lieske

Craig Grando illustrator

Graphic design and images by Craig Grando

Czarnè illustrator

Graphic design and images by Czarnè

Toast printer

Graphic design and images by Kurt Miller

WC notes

Graphic design, images and case study by Tarek Atrissi Design

Board game graphic designers reference

Designers games list at BoardGameGeek

Michael Menzel | Franz Vohwinkel | Mike Doyle | Craig Grando |
Czarnè | Kurt Miller

Board game graphic design lists at BoardGameGeek

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