Category: Creative closeup

  • Amity Island Holiday T-shirt

    Just in time for summer, another great pop culture reference t-shirt from Layer Eight – this time the Amity Island Holiday T-shirt. If you don’t know your vintage blockbusters, you could be forgiven for just thinking this was any old… Read More at Retro to Go… More

  • o2 Moto

    If you’re one of those motorcycle purists who are more inclined to classic styling & time-proven mechanics, then… this is NOT the bike for you! The Revolver forces us to throw away everything we know about moto. At the heart of the design lies a revolving chamber where backup air tanks are stored in sequence […] More

  • Suspended Bathtub: Hammock + Tub = Supreme Relaxation

    If you think of the most comfortable places to relax, a hammock and a warm bath are probably near the top of the list. UK design studio Splinter Works combined the two into what might possibly be the most relaxing bathtub ever. The Vessel is suspended from two walls via brackets and doesn’t touch the… […] More

  • Sucklord x DKE Toys – S.U.C.K.L.E. Kickstarter

    We all remember the widely popular M.U.S.C.L.E./Monster In My Pocket style mini PVC figure line from years ago, and we know  that this style of toys have had a huge comeback. Now DKE Toys and Dunny 2012 artist The Sucklord have teamed up for a KICKSTARTER of sucktacular proportions. First taking over the galaxy at last year’s… […] More

  • Movie Classics A to Z Print

    Earlier in the month we featured My Vinyl – a musical alphbet – but for those who are more interested in film, there is also a Movie Classics A to Z in a similar style. Inspired by 1960s trading cards,… Read More at Retro to Go… More

  • Biba Logo beach towel

    While the Biba range at House of Fraser has proved to be highly successful, they’re a different beast to the original incarnation of the brand in the 1960s and 70s under Barbara Hulanicki. This new HoF Biba logo beach towel… Read More at Retro to Go… More

  • Big Pixels are IN!

    This cleverly designed Pixel wristwatch is the latest in a trend of oversized squares, using them to denote the time in an easy-to-read yet striking way! At any given time, just 3 squares are displayed on the face, moving about to indicate the hours and minutes while the center square blinks with each passing second. […] More