Category: Industrial Design

  • DIY Cheese with CheeseMaker

    From the makers of the ingenious Citrus Spray comes the CheeseMaker which finally makes it possible to make fresh homemade cheese from the comfort of your kitchen! All you need is milk and an acid like lemon or vinegar. Depending on the acid you use the cheese will have varying textures and flavors. Simply add […] More

  • Take Kiss Out takeaway cup

    Tall. Dark. Bittersweet. I could just as well be describing your ideal mate but I’m not! The Take Kiss Out is a hot beverage takeaway packaging (whew!) design. Except you enjoy your little drink more than you’d imagine! *wink wink* Read More at Yanko Design… More

  • Bear Papa screwdrivers

    Bear Papa screwdrivers offer a friendly introduction of tools to kids that you can keep safely at home. The body of each lovable bear can be split to three parts: head torso and feet. The two-way ratchet screwdriver is settled with a magnetic bit holder of the head. Moreover the torso can be removed from […] More

  • The 5065 Folding Tubular Scooter

    The No. 5065 Scooter folds down into a compact and portable tube making it a convenient vehicle for ‘last mile’ transportation in the city. With just one joint and a telescopic handle users can quickly fold and unfold to transfer between transportation methods. Upon arriving the compact form can be stowed away conveniently even in […] More

  • The Origami Inspired Steel Folding Lamp

    Wayyyyy back when we featured a unique flat-pack folding lamp and now it’s back and better than before! Like the original origami-inspired design the new Folding Lamp gets the individual involved in the creative process. Created from 0.6mm pre-scored stainless steel users shape the lamp themselves by playing with the order and angle of each […] More

  • Shark Tail Floor Lamp

    Just when you thought it was safe on land… Ol’ha Shevchenko’s latest design brings the world’s most infamous apex predator into your home! Shaped from aluminum, finished with deep blue coloring, and fitted with dual side/upper light sources, the design is sure to be a sculptural centerpiece in any room. Whether you’re a Jaws fan […] More

  • Cubit Blue Watch

    Human life revolves around squares. Eating square meals living life fair and square yada yada… It only was a matter of time till the square manifested itself on your wrist. The Cubit Blue watch by Michael Graves is circular in theory hexagonal if you look at it broadly but once you get past that you […] More

  • Ring Clock

    Ring Clock is a beautiful marriage of the ring and the watch. You will be rewarded with the time, when you play with this gadget. Watch video here… More

  • The Casitoo Powerstrip

    I think we’ve waited long enough. We’ve lived in a world with too few plug-points and just the most pitiable extension power strips. The Casitoo Powerstrip is the answer to all our electricity-glugging gadgets and to their whimsical and quirky owners alike! Designed to be modular the powerstrip comes with an exhaustive variety of add-ons. […] More

  • Travelamp Cellphone Light Diffuser

    Lilly stood at the edge of the mind’s cave. Bedtime story book in her hand she read on further until she could read no more. It was too dark. She needed a lantern to continue her adventure. It was lucky she had the next best thing. Her Travelamp. Read More at Yanko Design… More