Designing for Children: Marketing design that speaks to kids

Marketing to kids has become a multi-billion dollar industry-transforming child’s play into serious business. Product creators and designers have multiple channels through which to access this hungry market-including the Web, television, and the plethora of new wireless devices-but first, they must understand what innately appeals to today’s savvy, market-wise young people. This timely book reveals how to create designs that truly speak to the interests of kids by examining a wide range of successful campaigns for food, clothes, toys, magazines, websites, and entertainment for children. In detailed fashion, she takes readers through the false starts, challenges, and design revisions that initially plagued each campaign-and then reveals the solutions that resulted in the final, kid smart design. Some of the companies included: Barbie, Brio, Get Real Girl, Klutz, Crazy Bones, Nickelodeon, Kids Discover, Scholastic Books, Harcourt Brace textbooks, Jerry Pinkney, Zillions On-line, Teacher’s Pet (TV show) Gary Baseman, Cheerios, Sonic kids meal toys, Bubble tape etc., Milk Chugs, San Diego Zoo, Ring-A-Ling Circus

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