Marbling Techniques: How to Create Traditional and Contemporary Designs on Paper and Fabric (Practical Craft Books)

Begun in 15th-century Persia, marbling looks as mysterious as alchemy: the beautiful swirls and veins of color, familiar as elements in old bookbindings, seem to be based on some exotic, secret recipe. In fact, these designs are surprisingly simple to make with everday materials and utensils. “Marbling Techniques” is the essential full-color guide to this dazzling art, full of step-by-step illustrations, helpful tips and insider’s knowledge about what you need for marbling, what papers and paints are recommended, and even how to make your own marbling tools. Soon you’ll be creating familiar patterns like the Turkish Stone and the Peacock, marbling floral and other, more unusual motifs, and making your own magical spontaneous designs.The ancient art of marbling–long confined to the endpapers of leather-bound books–is experiencing renewed interest among today’s crafters. This nicely presented book covers all the basics of marbling paper and fabric, from making your own tools to working with various types of paints to setting up your workspace. The heart of the book explains the specifics of how to create seven basic marbling patterns and how to troubleshoot technical problems, plus ways to achieve seven specialty techniques, including marbling dimensional objects. The concluding section offers ideas for several projects incorporating marbling, as well as a brief explanation about going into business selling your marbled products.

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