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  • A Different Desk from the Rest

    Soundbox is a one-of-a-kind design that stands out both aesthetically and functionally! At the heart of this whimsical desk is an integrated old-school amplification system that captures audio from a recessed smartphone dock built-in to its surface. Odd, but oh-so cool! An eccentric blend of materials including mesh and polished metalwork mixed with patchwork wood […] More

  • Floating Writer Studio Suspended from a Concrete Canopy

    A sort of futuristic floating treehouse hangs among artificial steel trees in a striking sculptural canopy at the Maison de l’Ecriture in Switzerland. Phoenix-based architecture firm Blank Studio envisions the ‘House of Writing,’ a small residence promoting and encouraging literary creativity. The dramatic structure looks out over the Alps, a lake and the surrounding countryside. […] More

  • Feed Wilbur From Anywhere!

    It’s one thing to have someone dog-sit when you’re traveling, and another to have someone keep an eye on your fish! Kinda silly, right?! The Automated Fish Feeder is an ingenious device that gives a helping hand with you’re out of the house. Mounted on the edge of the tank, the device uses wifi and […] More

  • Terra Wind: Amphibious RV Goes from Land to Sea

    If you’re ever torn between purchasing a boat or an RV and you’ve got roughly $ 1.2 million dollars in the bank, here’s a solution that gives you the best of both worlds: a luxury RV that can be driven straight into water. The Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach looks like an ordinary recreational vehicle to […] More

  • KRSF Presents: Friends From Forgotten Fairytales

    In a long forgotten future awakened at last from their eternal slumber, our forgotten friends are released from the crevices of our dreams. Are we ready to enter a world that does not belong to us? Kidrobot San Francisco invites you to meet the “Friends From Forgotten Fairytales”. KRSF brings you a collection of unique… […] More

  • Towers Collect Drinking Water From Thin Air in Ethiopia

    In the mountainous regions of Ethiopia, finding drinkable water is a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous task. Women and children often walk for hours each day just to bring potable water home for their families. Even after the dangerous journey, the water they bring back is often contaminated and unsafe to drink. Vittori Lab has devised… […] More

  • Modern Tea House Salvaged from a Warehouse Roof

    The decision to salvage a concrete roof from a collapsed warehouse as primary building materials informed the unusual design of this modern tea house. Designed by Archi-Union Architects for the backyard of their office in Shanghai, the Tea House is a gorgeous example of how ‘waste materials’ can be transformed into something of great value…. […] More

  • iF Concept Design Awards 2014 – Select from 300 Shortlisted Entries

    As Steve Jobs puts is, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” and we cannot help but being big-time fans of innovators. Imagination, inspiration and discovering the possibilities of our own thinking, is what Yanko Design is all about. It’s only natural that we become the seeding ground for innovations. Here is a teaser […] More

  • Magic From Salvaged Furniture

    Designer Alexander Schnell Sramek’s ‘Anti-Slip’ contemporary furniture collection stemmed from a peculiar situation. He had an empty bedroom that need furnishing and a mind that rebelled against the mass production/consumption culture of contemporary urban societies. Working with a limited space and tools, he set out on a project to furnish the room in 30 days […] More

  • Removing the Hassle from Smart Energy

    The Parce One is a smart home device that measures and controls the energy usage of your electronic devices to save you money by reducing your energy consumption. Wirelessly connecting with the Parce cloud, the Parce One intelligently learns how you use energy, producing visual reports to enable you to clearly see where you can […] More