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  • Transustainable House: Fresh Shape for the Urban Landscape

    Half translucent, half rusting iron, this unusual split-gabled house in Tokyo offers an evolving space that can change with the residents’ needs and whims. Clear-roofed transitional spaces give the feeling of being outdoors while maintaining a sense of privacy in the urban environment. The house takes up nearly the entire allotment of land, stretching upwards […] More

  • Getting Skinny: Narrow Home Could Ease Urban Crowding

    Looking to the future, most experts agree that 70 percent of people will be living in cities (as opposed to rural or suburban settings) by 2050. Caramel Architects has designed an urban home called the CJ-5 House; the prototype in Vienna provides the comforts and conveniences of any modern urban home, but takes up very […] More

  • Bulbous House is an Ultramodern Retreat in Urban India

    A plot within a neighborhood full of harsh, sharp angles is now the setting for a home covered in soft, bulbous panels, giving it a strange futuristic appearance. S-House by SDeG architects rebels against the typical grid format that surrounds it, focusing instead on a feeling of cushioned comfort. The thickened concrete envelope is more […] More

  • Urban Park Bench Transforms Into Temporary Homeless Shelter

    Homelessness is a community problem that exists nearly everywhere in the world. Rather than punishing the homeless or chasing them away from their regular sleeping spots, more and more communities are instituting programs to help the homeless population. This concept from designers¬†Ke Wan, Xiaohua Ma, Xing Guo & Qingxiang Zhu is called Homeless Haven, and… […] More

  • Future Urban Citycopter

    As soon as our personal transportation takes to the skies, this is what I want to be zipping around in! It’s called the Fly Citycopter- a futuristic urban aerial vehicle concept for when cars are a thing of the past. Harnessing solar energy, it’s more efficient and economical than common helicopters. Its tri-rotor design also […] More

  • Easy Urban Hen House

    Nest is a kit-set hen house and supporting system designed specifically for first-time hen keepers in urban areas who can provide refuge for spent hens (hens considered unusable by farms). To minimize damage to the owner’s property, the house has been designed to rotate 360 degrees on a ground spike and bearing system. Other key […] More

  • Sleek Backpack For Urban Adventurers

    Ember Equipment’s modular urban backpack is a well thought out everyday/travel pack for active urban citizens. This rugged back pack can be a helpful companion in a double life spanning from urban streets to jungle trails. If you are the kind of person who escapes from the urban chaos into the soothing lap of nature […] More

  • Urban Balcony House Puts Priority on Outdoor Spaces

    Would you sacrifice privacy to have your very own expansive outdoor spaces in the middle of a busy city? Compared to the more conventional, enclosed buildings around it, this urban concrete dwelling is open to the world, with much of its square footage devoted to open-air spaces where residents can soak up the sun and… […] More

  • The Ghosts of Berlin: Confronting German History in the Urban Landscape

    In this compelling work, Brian Ladd examines the ongoing conflicts radiating from the remarkable fusion of architecture, history, and national identity in Berlin. Ladd surveys the urban landscape, excavating its ruins, contemplating its buildings and memorials, and carefully deconstructing the public debates and political controversies emerging from its past.“Written in a clear and elegant style, […] More