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  • World Design Rankings

    WDR – World Design Rankings announced the updated design rankings of countries based on the number of design awards won at international juried design competitions and awards. United States ranked as number 1 among the 69 represented countries, followed by Italy, England, Japan, Brazil, China, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong and Turkey which took the top… […] More

  • Enter the Whimsical World of Steve Ferrera

    From his life-sized foam and resin characters to set pieces that look like they crawled out of a Tim Burton movie, we at Kidrobot SF got the chance to step into the charming studio of artist, Steve Ferrera. Based in Berkeley, California, Steve currently works as a professional sculptor at a foundry, creating animation and… […] More

  • Around the World with ROA

    Recently, Brooklyn Street Art did an amazing article on Belgian street artist ROA. This globe trotting street artist has been going big from city to city and bringing attention and a voice to the voiceless. His larger than life animal creations are beautiful and captivating with a message that these aren’t just cute creatures. By… […] More

  • Otto Björnik creates The Hobbit with MUNNY World

    Otto Björnik has put his skills to the test yet again with a new commissioned Hobbit series. Utilizing MUNNY World pieces, Otto has skillfully recreated Balin, Bilbo, Galadriel, Gandalf, Thorin, Gollum, and the very large Goblin King. This has perfect timing too since the next installment of the film series releases next weekend. Once again,… […] More

  • Playing in a Fantasy World: Surreal Children’s Playgrounds

    Climbing, swinging, running and playing are fun for kids on any playground, but the fantastical playgrounds designed by Danish firm Monstrum are so much cooler than any others. Every playground design makes kids feel as though they are in another world – one populated by huge mushrooms, giant spiders, friendly blue whales and gentle dragons…. […] More

  • The incredible World of Spy-fi: Wild and Crazy Spy Gadgets, Props, and Artifacts from TV and the Movies

    In page after page of colorful imagery, The Incredible World of Spy-Fi captures four decades of espionage eye candy from our favorite fictional spies. From Maxwell Smart’s Shoe Phone to James Bond’s Walther PPK to Austin Powers’ eyeglasses and classic spy gear from Alias, Mission: Impossible, The Wild Wild West, and more, this visual gallery […] More

  • Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book: Make a World

    Using simple shapes, Ed Emberley shows would-be artists how to draw over 400 things, such as an airplane, anteater, submarine, train, kangaroo, gondola, and much much more! This classic book is packed with cool things that kids-and not a few adults-really want to draw. Easy and fun, the book provides hours of art-full entertainment. Read […] More

  • The World of ilovedust

    We all know ilovedust by their amazing work with Dunny designs, but did you know their talent and skills reaches far beyond that of the vinyl world? Starting out as only a team of two in 2003, ilovedust has steadily pushed themselves to become a leading design studio over a decade later. These days, ilovedust… […] More

  • Spatial Relativity: Average Home Sizes Around the World

    The tiny homes movement gaining traction in the United States seems like spatial extremism to some people – what average family could possibly get by in under 1000 square feet? It turns out that in some countries, that amount is actually already above average. The above infographic (shown in metric above for our audiences abroad,… […] More

  • A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book: 95 Inspiring Ideas for Photographing Your Friends, Your World, and Yourself

    Ready to show your photos some love?   Whether it’s of your sister’s smile, your morning coffee, or your new puppy, photos are a way to connect on Facebook and Instagram, keep a visual diary of our lives, and create momentos for future generations. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, creators of the mega-popular DIY style […] More