Master Your DSLR Camera: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography [PREVIEW]

:: This is a preview version of the full “Master Your DSLR Camera” Kindle enhanced e-book ::

Master Your DSLR: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography, is a highly interactive book made for the DSLR camera owner who is ready to move away from that “auto” setting.

Master Your DSLR: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography walks you through several photography basics such as composition and perspective, and it includes quick-reference cheat sheets to master seven common shooting scenarios: indoor and outdoor portraits, kids, pets, gorgeous outdoor landscapes, skylines, and sunsets. Readers of this e-book will also have exclusive access to several beautiful videos and graphics.

USA TODAY—“Designed for beginners, the language is fun and easy to follow… ‘Master Your DSLR Camera’ is an invaluable companion for amateur photographers looking to get more out of their gear.”

WIRED MAGAZINE—“If you just got a new SLR, or you have had one for years and never shifted it off the “green square” idiot mode, then this could be a great way to spend .”

David is a veteran technology journalist who has covered photography and digital imaging for publications including Wired, CNET, Men’s Journal, and Macworld.

Video tutorials by: MARY F. CALVERT
Mary who worked eleven years as a staff photographer for The Washington Times, covering Congress, political campaigns, and the White House. Mary was a finalist in 2007 for the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography for her work in sub-Saharan Africa, and in 2008 was honored with the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in International Photography for reporting in India.

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